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Mary McLaughlin

Director of Community Relations and Client Care

Mary has started her over 20years health care career as a Registered Community Nurse in New Zealand and before moving to Canada she was the Project Manager, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, working alongside the Prime Minister/ Minister of Health of New Zealand; she was also part of the Committee for Auditing and RFP Decision making for New Dementia Care Facilities North of Auckland, New Zealand .

An avid rugby passionate, Mary was named in 1993 as one of the “Top 15 Women in Rugby in British Columbia & Canada” and was selected as a player in the Women’s Rugby Team of Canada.

Mary’s involvement in the health care field continued both on a personal level (her mother is currently living with Dementia)  and on a professional level, working for some of the most reputable health care companies in the Vancouver area and has been with our “Family” since 2013 as a Director of Community Relations and Client Care.

Mary’s expertise and commitment is invaluable and she can assist with assessments and training in client care operations, building community relations and marketing and anything that a client’s care would involve or franchisee’s needs might be.