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Thank you for visiting the Mideastern Ontario Just Like Family page. We appreciate that if you’re considering in-home care, you have already done a lot of thinking, and still face many important choices. We want you to know everything you need to know about us, so that your decisions can be made with confidence.

Whether you’re considering Just Like Family for yourself or for a loved one, you need to feel comfortable with who we are – our values, or priorities, and our character.

We care deeply about respecting people’s need for independence and stability as they age. By offering support to meet physical and emotional needs, home care plays a critical role in improving quality of life, and in preserving dignity. These are things we think about at this stage in our own lives, and we want the same things you do. We want to feel secure, to retain a sense of control, and to stay connected to the things that make us who we are.

Though the care we offer caters to our client’s unique, individual needs, we see its impact on a larger scale. We love the idea of granting loved ones the peace of mind that comes from knowing their senior is being tended to and is in good hands. If providing that care yourself leaves you exhausted, torn in too many directions, or is just impossible, your well-being is affected, as well. We’d like you to make the most of these years, and we see the freedom to enjoy your parents without complication as a gift you can give yourself.

We know that this is a big decision. Having someone to talk to about your fears, and to answer your questions can help solidify your priorities and that’s a conversation we would be honoured to have with you. An in-home (or virtual) consultation is a great starting point. There’s no cost, and no commitment, just an opportunity to get to know us better, and have your questions answered. We’ll meet you when it’s convenient for you – day, evening, weekend.

Until then, let us introduce ourselves…

Contact Information

#154 – 110 North Front St – A3
Belleville, ON, K8P 0A6
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 613.902.7348
Facebook: @justlikefamilyseniorcare

    Contact Us

    Or call us at 613.902.7348

    Who We Are

    Janet Kinsey

    I started my career in British Columbia, in Psychiatric Nursing, and quickly learned I had found the field of my dreams. Now a Registered Psychotherapist, I manage Mental Health programs at the hospital. Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping people from a range of backgrounds, with a variety of challenges, in a number of different settings. I can think of no honour greater than being invited to play a part in helping a person live a life with meaning, purpose, and pride – which is why the idea of aging in place resonates so strongly with me.

    I have witnessed time and time again the power of kindness, and the joy people feel from being listened to, appreciated, and valued for who they are. I have learned the importance of stability, and of social connection, and have seen how people thrive when they can exercise control over their futures.

    I’m excited to be able to extend this approach into Just Like Family, where we have taken great care to assemble a team of like-minded caregivers. We’re really looking forward to helping improve the life of someone you care about and can’t wait to meet you.


    Jeff Campbell

    After experiencing the challenge of finding quality, in-home care for my own family member, I knew there had to be a better way to help those who need care and support the most. Starting this business allows me to contribute in a profoundly meaningful way to my community, and helps ensure others don’t experience the same challenges I felt with my own family.

    With over 15 years of experience as a business owner and operator, and seven more as a high-performance business coach, I have developed a keen eye for different personalities, and am able to make compatible matches between caregivers and those in need. I have high expectations for the care I would like afforded to my own family members and extend those expectations to everyone working at Just Like Family. I truly believe in treating every one of our clients Just Like Family.




    Our Services

    Personal Care

    Personal care for your loved ones is so important in their daily and weekly routine. From more serious care such as hospital recovery to basic daily needs, like bathing and dressing, our caregivers will be there to help your loved ones and make them feel cared for.

    Our personal care services include:

    • Alzheimer’s Care can be so hard on family members, but having someone there with your loved one when you can’t be present can help put your mind at ease.
    • Dementia Care is so important as your loved ones memory begins to fade, and they forget daily tasks and functions.
    • Palliative Care requires personal care on both physical and emotional levels. Our caregivers will be there to care for your loved one with a soft hand and a kind spirit.
    • Hospital Recovery allows your loved one to improve and heal in the comfort of their own home, and our caregivers will provide the help and support needed until their recovery is complete.
    • Cancer Care covers a wide range of personal care services, but our caregivers will be right there with your loved ones caring for them through the whole process.
    • Parkinson’s/ALS/MS can require more physical help getting around the house and doing daily tasks, depending on the level of progression of the disease.
    • Respite Care offers you a window of reprieve from caring for your loved ones, whether it be for a vacation, a business trip or caring for yourself for a short time.
    • Bathing/Showering are basic needs of every human and can help your loved one feel clean, refreshed, and renewed.
    • Dressing/Grooming is a daily personal care necessity that helps us all feel better about ourselves and more willing to go out in public or enjoy seeing family and friends at home.
    • Continence Management helps your loved one stay on track with their doctor’s suggestions for daily water intake, food, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and more.
    • Mobility Assistance is a simple task that can help your loved one get to another part of the house or take a short walk just to get up for a short period of time.
    • Transfers/Lifting for those in wheelchairs, scooters or needing assistance in a vehicle is a huge help to get out of the house.
    • Medication Reminders are so important as they are needed to maintain, help or improve your loved one’s state.


    Companionship is one of the many services we offer our clients that provides older family members with a sense of friendship, and someone to lean on during everyday events of life. Loneliness can be as much of a struggle as other health issues and knowing someone is there with your loved one in case of an emergency provides peace of mind for you as well.

    Our companionship services include:

    • Attending outings and ceremonies so your loved one has someone to talk to and spend time with while they’re out and about. A companion can also offer mobile assistance as well as driving to and from the event.
    • Read and Play Games with your loved one while they’re with them at home. This encourages thinking and keeping their mind sharp as well as good old-fashioned fun and happiness.
    • Going on walks around the house or neighborhood, depending on their physical ability and where they live. Getting outdoors more, the fresh air and getting some physical exercise can be helpful both physically and emotionally.
    • Attending family engagements such as birthday parties, dinners, anniversaries, and more. Knowing someone is there to watch your loved one and keep them company during a celebration helps keep your mind at ease and your loved one cared for.
    • Visitors can vary from an old friend to the electrician fixing an issue in the house. Having someone there your loved one trusts is both for safety and encouragement.
    • Medical Appointments are a regular part of most older family members’ routines, and a companion can drive them there and be with them during regular appointments for assurance and support.
    • Grocery Shopping can be a scary errand as you get older, but hiring a companion gives your loved one someone who can drive them there, help them shop and check out, and help unload the groceries when they’re back home.

    Companionship is so important to every person, but it is especially vital as you get older and lose the ability to go out as much as you once did. Our companions can keep your loved ones company and provide a friend they can look forward to seeing often

    Overnight/Live In Care

    Combination of personal care, companionship and home support on overnight or 24/7 basis.
    For more information see our Care Services Chart.

    Home Support

    Home support for older loved ones is a simple way to show you care and are thinking of your loved ones even when you are away. Feeling comfortable and clean in their own home can be a huge step emotionally in feeling refreshed and physically better. Often simple household chores can become daunting and difficult for seniors as mobility, exhaustion or illness prevents them from performing tasks they used to be able to do quickly and easily. Our home support services help seniors feel more comfortable in their own home by helping keep the home clean and provide them with healthy and timely meals.

    Our senior home support services include:

    • Meal Planning/Preparation can be fun to do with a caregiver, but also ensures your loved one has food prepared for them to eat each day.
    • Light Housekeeping can help your loved one feel better emotionally when their surroundings are not dirty or cluttered.
    • Laundry is a necessity that can be difficult for older family members, especially if their laundry room is on a second floor or in the basement.
    • Ironing may seem simple and not as important as other tasks, but feeling neat and put together when going out can be a huge boost in confidence for anyone.
    • Changing Bed Linens is vital for older loved ones especially because of dirt, food or bodily fluids that can end up on the linens that need to be cleaned.
    • Waste Disposal when needed helps eliminate smell from trash and keep bugs away.
    • Gardening and Watering Plants is a small thing that can bring beauty and happiness to your loved ones at home as they enjoy seeing their garden bloom and grow.
    Companionship Icon


    We offer friendly and caring services for your loved one to alleviate solitude and lift spirits with outings and fun events.

    Home Icon

    Home Support

    Full home support services, including meal preparation and house cleaning. We help your loved ones eat healthy and have a clean and well organized home.

    Personal Care Icon

    Personal Care

    We are familiar with all types of care and we offer your loved ones dignity and independence as they progress through any challenges.

    24 Hour Care Icon

    24 Hour Care

    We offer reliable 24-hour care services to our clients. Whatever the hour may be, our caregivers are readily available to cater to your home care needs.

    Respite Care Icon

    Overnight Care

    For family members' peace of mind, our caregivers can stay for a 12hour overnight shift in our clients' homes to help them with everything they need during the night and all for one single flat rate.

    Wheelchair Icon

    Non Senior Care

    Our services are not just for seniors. We can also provide our service to people with disabilities, recovering from surgeries, and people who got injured or into an accident (i.e. ICBC)

    Everything we do is driven by our mission and values

    To enhance the lives of aging adults and to treat everybody like a member of our own family.


    I tried several home care companies before but I wasn’t happy with them sending different caregivers all the time…Just Like Family has offered me the stability and consistency I needed for my dad to stay at home safe.

    George U. White Rock

    When I realized my mom’s Alzheimer is getting worse and she needs help I didn’t know where to start and what to do…but the people at Just Like Family gave me all the information I needed and since I started with them my mom is very happy and well taken care of.

    Lisa M. Vancouver

    I have been using Just Like Family for my mom for a few years now, I have two amazing live-in Caregivers, so I know my mom is in good hands.

    Bob C. West Vancouver

    Just Like Family gives me great comfort and confidence by providing the highest level of quality care for my parents so I can have peace of mind that their needs are met.

    Mary T. North Vancouver

    What I like about Just Like Family’s Caregivers is that they are very caring and dependable so I trust them with my life.

    Christine C. Langley

    The connection my parents have with their Caregiver is that of a close friend, not an employee that provides a service, so they can’t wait for the days when she visits them.

    Sarah M. Richmond

    Paul and Leeanne are great to work with. They are professional, empathetic, kind and totally understood my needs. They have amazing staff that are kind, caring and respectful adhering to Covid protocols. They were there for me when I needed their assistance with my elderly mother. They answered all my questions and truly supported us.... Just like Family. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.

    Doreen H. Niagara