Are you a Canadian or American company?

We have built our Senior Home Care Services company from the ground up in our wonderful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. We already have two successful offices located in the Lower Mainland and are now offering owner operated franchises in other areas with high demand.

What is the procedure to set up Home Care?

After an initial phone consultation, our Director of Care will visit our potential clients in their homes for a free in-person care consultation, where we’re trying to find out not only about the client’s care needs, but also about the client’s personality, background, preferences, as we are proud to offer the most personalized services in the home care field, where we’re trying to reach a perfect match between the client and the caregiver.

How quickly can care be provided?

We have reliable, bondable and qualified staff ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so care can be set up as soon as the care plan is set in place.

Why is it better to use your company?

We offer a much safer alternative than hiring off of the internet. There is an enormous amount of investment in recruiting,vetting and training the right type of caregiver and we have dedicated our careers in providing this service to our clients. We handle everything and there is much to do in caregiver compliance issues such taxes, labour laws, insurance and mileage.

What happens if I don’t like my caregiver?

These situations may arise from time to time, sometimes a simple conversation will alleviate the stress. We understand how difficult it may be to invite another person into your private home. We work tirelessly to help clients adjust to the new transitions and our caregivers must be cognizant of these challenges. If at some point in time the client is not comfortable with the caregiver assigned, we can always replace her/him with another of our amazing caregivers, just to make sure the client is comfortable and happy.

Are your services covered by government subsidies?

It depends on many economic factors and ever changing regulations. We have a team of experts that can find you the best subsidies if you are eligible for them. We are a privately held company, so each individual care package will be reviewed for government subsidy eligibility.

Where are your services being offered?

We work wherever our clients need us! In our client’s private homes, nursing homes, assisted and independent living residences and in hospitals.

How do I pay for services?

Our billing system is intentionally simplified and easy to read and understand. We will work with our clients in their payment requirements. We accept cheque and credit card to ensure reliable payment tracking.

Am I supposed to give gratuity to your caregiver?

Our policy is for our caregivers not to accept tips, gratuities or gifts from our clients. We offer our caregivers a higher standard of pay than our competitors for this exact reason. If a client would like to offer an extra stipend, please call our office and we will consider your request.

Can Just Like Family source doctor recommended health equipment?

We offer guidance in purchasing or renting the right health equipment for your recovery. We have an extensive network of health equipment suppliers that can provide exactly what the doctor ordered.

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