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I tried several home care companies before but I wasn’t happy with them sending different caregivers all the time…Just Like Family has offered me the stability and consistency I needed for my dad to stay at home safe.

George U. White Rock

When I realized my mom’s Alzheimer is getting worse and she needs help I didn’t know where to start and what to do…but the people at Just Like Family gave me all the information I needed and since I started with them my mom is very happy and well taken care of.

Lisa M. Vancouver

I have been using Just Like Family for my mom for a few years now, I have two amazing live-in Caregivers, so I know my mom is in good hands.

Bob C. West Vancouver

Just Like Family gives me great comfort and confidence by providing the highest level of quality care for my parents so I can have peace of mind that their needs are met.

Mary T. North Vancouver

What I like about Just Like Family’s Caregivers is that they are very caring and dependable so I trust them with my life.

Christine C. Langley

The connection my parents have with their Caregiver is that of a close friend, not an employee that provides a service, so they can’t wait for the days when she visits them.

Sarah M. Richmond

Paul and Leeanne are great to work with. They are professional, empathetic, kind and totally understood my needs. They have amazing staff that are kind, caring and respectful adhering to Covid protocols. They were there for me when I needed their assistance with my elderly mother. They answered all my questions and truly supported us.... Just like Family. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.

Doreen H. Niagara